Core Team

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Degree Works Implementation

Core Team

Transfer Student Services
Rachel Frazier, Assistant Director
Derrick Wright, IT Tech Associate (Lead Scribe Team)
Suzanne Goad, A&R Officer for Master Course File

Registrar’s Office
Tamara Workman, Registrar
Matthew Herman, Assistant Director, Student Information System
Jie Tyrrell, A&R Supervisor for Graduation Office

Undergraduate Admissions
Amanda Sutton, Processing
Jason Hartz, Research

University Honors Program
Brenda Sanders, Service & Leadership Specialist
David Milley, Assistant Director

College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Craig Anz, Associate Dean
Elaine Atwood, Chief Academic Advisor

College of Agricultural Sciences
Karen Stoelzle Midden, Associate Dean
Kim Taylor, Academic Advisor

College of Business
Jill Gebke, Assistant Dean
Bridgette Sargent, Chief Academic Advisor
Kim Little, Director of UG Online Student Services

College of Education and Human Services
Cathy Mogharreban, Associate Dean
Katrina James, Chief Academic Advisor
Casey Lohman, TEP
Christopher Hinkle, Academic Advisor

College of Engineering
Lizette Chavelier, Associate Dean
Jenise Wilson, Chief Academic Advisor

College of Liberal Arts
Michael Molino, Associate Dean
Martha Taricone, Chief Academic Advisor
Meera Komarraju, Dean
Susan Davenport, Associate Profesor

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts
Carol Westerman‐Jones, Academic Advisor
Carolyn Kincaid, School of Journalism

College of Science
Sedonia Sipes, College Curriculum Committee
Sara Ressing, Academic Advisor

University College
Patsy Manfredi, University Core Curriculum
Aimee Lemrise, Academic Advisor

Center for Teaching Excellence
Karla Berry, Director

University Communications
Jessica Mann, Assistant Director for Web Communications

Advisory Council on Academic Advisement
Tabitha Stone, Assistant Dean, University College

Faculty Senate
Bruce DeVantier, Undergraduate Education Policy (invited)

Office of Associate Provost for Academic Programs
Ruth O’Rourke, Administrative Assistant