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About Degree Works

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is working hard to ensure students are successful in completing their degrees on time.  Beginning August 2016, degree-seeking students with an undergraduate catalog year 2012-2013 or later will have access to Degree Works, a comprehensive academic advising, transfer articulation and degree audit solution that aligns students, advisors and institutions to a common goal:  helping students graduate on time.

Ellucian Degree Works™ is a comprehensive academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree audit solution that helps students and their advisors successfully negotiate our institution’s curriculum requirements.

Ellucian Degree Works captures invaluable aggregate information, providing senior administrators with important metrics for planning future term course offerings, streamlining processes for more efficient cost management, and keeping pace with new national and global higher education standards.

Degree Works is a web-based tool that helps students and academic advisors monitor a student’s progress toward degree completion.   Degree Works compares Southern Illinois University’s official degree requirements with coursework completed. It provides an easy-to-read worksheet that shows students how courses they have taken at SIU or transferred count towards degree requirements.  Degree Works also clearly identifies courses and requirements still needed to complete a degree.

Degree Works is best used with Mozilla Firefox at this time.  If you use a different browser, you may click on SAVE as PDF on the worksheet view to see the worksheet.